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Our Story

- Dunking Since 2016 -

There’s something comforting about dunking a cookie in milk. It’s an indulgence that takes something sweet and delicious and turns it into something even better. As a child, my first experience with cookies and milk involved vanilla wafers. Grandma would give us these as a snack, but I remember thinking they were a little on the dry side. That’s when grandpa introduced me to dunking and I was immediately in cookie heaven. Later I would branch out to other cookies such as Oreos, which eventually became my favorite.

Founded in 2016, Dunky Cup was spawned from these fond childhood memories and the founder’s love for engineering and Oreos. While sitting on the couch, munching on some Oreos and milk, there was a moment of inspiration to “ditch the plate.” After all, the crumbs like to slide off anyhow; why not bring them together? At this point, the idea and design began to evolve.  It was pen to paper, mouse to mousepad, sketching various ideas until Dunky Cup was born.


Since 2016 we’ve continually improved the product which you’ll find is super-durable, dishwasher safe, and made from high-quality food-safe plastic. Unlike other plastic products, Dunky Cup has weight and strength, giving it the feel of a high-quality ceramic mug.

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